Acrylic & Resin Painting, Handcrafted Jewelry
Acrylic & Resin Painting, Handcrafted Jewelry

Beautiful Artwork, Resin Art & Handcrafted Jewelry

Lauren Weiss is a California coast artist, and loves to create artwork of all kinds. She works in acrylic, resin and does airbrush.

Recently, she began experimenting with alcohol ink and watercolor.

Making ocean scenes in resin with 3D style waves, sand and shells is a favorite, having been born and raised on the west coast.
Acrylic fluid painting is another passion, resulting in abstract designs, vibrant colors, and shapes.
All artwork is finished with a clear varnish giving shine and providing protection against UV from sunlight. Sometimes a resin finish is the final touch.

Other passions include designing jewelry with sterling silver, gemstones, and beads. 

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